The DK Project Podcast. The Fastest growing comedy podcast.

The Fastest growing comedy podcast – The DK Project.

The DK Project follows the journey of two lifelong friends as they try to bring some humor to these mixed up crazy times. The show is pure entertainment, with appearances of some special guests and a whole lot of banter. The show is the Seinfeld of podcasts. Join Darren at The DK Project Podcast as he tries to make sense of the world around us. From current events to politics, nothing is off limits.

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Darren lives in the midwest with his wife who has yet to come to her senses and leave him, and his four children. You might be wondering what qualifies Darren to have such strong opinions across multiple topics. The simple answer is nothing!

Darren is your everyday guy who happens to find himself in odd predicaments which force him to examine and often reevaluate where he is headed. He does his best to apply logic to the world around him, but that is easier said than done in a world that seems to have gone mad.

Often joined by his co-host and lifelong friends Dave and Eric, who consider themselves to be the more grounded and down to earth voices of reason. Eric has been the copilot to many adventures through-out their friendship.

If you like real conversation, right, wrong or indifferent, about real topics that matter, as well as a few that don’t, you will want to subscribe and listen to The DK Project. A podcast with hilarious comedy.

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